Butterfly Tiger

Butterfly Tiger is one of the BritainŐs leading independent production companies.


Founded in 2006, Butterfly Tiger delivers high quality scripted, commercials, music videos, live shows and factual or entertainment programming, in many countries including the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA.

Butterfly Tiger has a proven ability to produce a wide range of content, as diverse as Pink Energy Drink Commercial, Danielle Delaite Nothing to wear music video, Celebrity Premiers ensuring that ideas will always be given the best possible creative and production support.

Butterfly Tiger has built a strong reputation for its work with talent. Whether itŐs Usher, Pink, Will Smith, Jamie Kennedy or an up and coming performer of the future, Butterfly Tiger continues to demonstrate an ability to create the best possible format for the performer.

Beyond the British television market, Butterfly Tiger is now active in digital content as well. Through our ongoing relationship with MGM Music, we created aka Art Mann, a short drama for Virgin. Accompanied by other projects with VodaPhone and with Amnesty, Butterfly Tiger is establishing itself as one of the leading digital producers, experienced at working with brand and agency partnerships.


  On the international level, Butterfly Tiger continues to sell formats across a broad range of programming and featuring a wide cast of international talent, means that butterfly Tiger is able to create, develop and produce shows in whatever genre, platform or territory is most effective.